• Further Excursions Into The Ulu With Dollboy

    Further Excursions Into The Ulu With Dollboy

    cat no: kookydisc032

    The fifth album from Dollboyis out now on Kooky Records.

    It features twelve original songs recorded between 2009 and 2011 with a year's gap in the middle for relocation to the south coast.

    The sleeve was painted by signwriter, Gary Wells of Whitstable.

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    Further Excursions Into The Ulu With Dollboy is the new Dollboy album. It was recorded at home in Hackney and Sussex and features a short list of guest musicians, namely, Anne Garner on flute (Alice In Clearwater, Sun Will Rise, No Trubba!), Jack Hayter on banjo (No Trubba!), Janet McFarlane on extra vocals (All Of The Stars Part 2), Andy Calvert on drums (Love Your Mother) and the ever dependable Alan Day (Stan) contributing vocals, guitars, SFX and ideas all over the record.

    It was started in Hackney but there was a year long gap in the middle during which I moved to the seaside, where it was finished off. It was written and recorded by me except for A Golden Age (Cherer/Day) and Friendly Borders (Cherer/Day). The drums on Love Your Mother were recorded by Andy Calvert and Phil Beards.

    It was mastered by Darren Morris.

    Sleeve painting by Gary Wells.

    It took a bloody long time to make this record and, while I loved the process I am glad it's finished (thanks to Phil Cleaver at Kooky for his patience). On to the next.....

    Oliver Cherer May 2012

    1. All of the Stars part 1
    2. Seven Again or Dust
    3. Alice In Clearwater
    4. Helicopter/Microbes
    5. The Ventriloquist
    6. Love Your Mother
    7. Arctic Winter
    8. Friendly Borders
    9. No Trubba!
    10. A Golden Age
    11. The Sun Will Rise
    12. All of the Stars part 2

  • Ghost Stations

    Ghost Stations/Geisterbahnhöfe

    cat no: SL03

    The fourth album was a psychogeographical suite of instrumental pieces based on two different interpretations of the notion of the ghost station. In London the ghost station is an abandoned underground station. In Berlin the ghost stations were those abandoned during the cold war years when their positions along the new border (the wall) rendered them "awkward".

    The music came in two long sections with no seperate IDs creating a London side and a Berlin side. It came in a lovely, hand made package and limited numbers in common with most Second Language releases. It's no longer available.

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  • A Beard of Bees

    A Beard Of Bees

    The third Dollboy album was A Beard Of Bees on Static Caravan.

    For the first time, Cherer accompanies his exquisite pastoral sound-sketches with a series of sung meditations on subjects as disparate as tea drinking and Moby Dick. If the Tardis spat Edward Elgar out into a Shropshire glade with a Roland DX7, a guitar and no direction home, you suspect that the results would not be dissimilar.
    Peter Paphides - The Times

    'Beard of bees' is tranquil, serene and honest and will most certainly appeal to those who enjoy a summers afternoon stroll or an evening in relaxing to the sounds of Pentangle, John Martyn or Nick drake. Obviously this is a modern interpretation of the folk style as the tracks are littered with bleepy R2-D2 background sounds and sonic layers you'd associate with modern indie rock producers like Nigel Godrich. Saying that i think it's a faithful and inspired interpretation of some of my favorite prog and folk groups. Lovely stuff...
    Norman Records

  • Casual Nudism

    Casual Nudism

    The second Dollboy album was Casual Nudism issued by Arable Records.

    • ‘Casual Nudism’ flows through endless emerald-green forests and wrestles with ancient dragons to reach its gold-tinted goal. What makes ‘Casual Nudism’ all the more addictive is not only Cherer’s glittering imagery, it’s his ability to make these pictures so painstakingly subtle. Not once does the album leap into the realms of parody, instead it keeps itself on a level, sounding at the same time blissful and effortlessly relaxing.
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  • Casual Nudism

    Plans For A Modern City

    The first Dollboy album was called Plans For A Modern City and came out on Different Drummer.

    • Dollboy's debut LP "Plans For A Modern City" came out in the Autumn of 2004 and it stands up today as something of a lost ambient masterpiece. Personally, I derive the same amount of listening pleasure from this LP as I do from ambient heavyweights such as Brian Eno. Yes, this music intensely intimate and other-worldly. It shimmers and shines and can truly transport the listener to a faraway place.
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  • The Sum And the Difference

    The Sum And the Difference

    A collaboration with Sone Instutute. It's a beautifully assembled mini CD featuring seven tracks devised, chopped and rebuilt by me and Roman Bezdyk (Sone Institute). It had some great reviews and came with a pull-out poster featuring artwork by Damina O'Hara.

    • A lovely little release that seems all the nicer for leaving you wanting more. Dream-like and disconcerting at the same time, this is what this pair are good at individually but combined have gained an extra edge.
      Katie English - Fluid Radio

  • Teasim: Music Inspired by the Art and Culture of TeaTeaism: Music Inspired by the Art and Culture of Tea.

    Compiled by Geoff Dolman and Stefan Panczak. Features Serafina Steer, Tunng, Inch-time and One Liner from Dollboy's Beard of Bees.

    Available on Static Caravan.

    Teasim: Music Inspired by the Art and Culture of TeaEnglish Scheme & Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

    Woodcraft Folk/Dollboy split mini CD. It came in beautiful hand printed packaging and was strictly limited to 100 copies.